So where was your MP?

About a week ago, Mia Rabson of the Free Press blogged about NDP MP Jim Maloway and his penchant for speaking in Parliament.

Which is a little surprising, considering Maloway was a virtual invisible man for his entire 22 years as MLA.

But what I found interesting was the data provided on the website she used as reference.

For example, you can sort the information based on dissensions, votes, absences, bills, quotes and words spoken. So just for interest, I sorted on absences. Well, the results were kind of shocking to say the least.

Of the top 50 most absent individuals, it breaks down as follows:

Conservative: 7

Liberal: 37

Bloc: 4

NDP: 2

Okay, what the hell is up with the Liberals? The top truant is a Bloc member. The first NDP shows up on the list at 26, the first Conservative is no. 3 ( Helena Guergis – okay, can understand that one). Harper is number 9, I can understand that one, he’s the PM so does a lot of traveling. So really, the first Conservative is at #17.

Ignatieff is #2 – and he wants to be PM. What’s with the Liberals not showing up?

But then I looked at number of words spoken and number of quotes.  The number 1 truant was gone 68 days, 0 words spoken, 0 quotes. Ignatieff was gone 63 days, 139 quotes, 17,000 words.

Wow, for someone who is gone so often, he sure talks a lot.

Hold on though. How can the #1 truant be gone 68 days?

Parliament only sat 65 days.

So which is right? Mind you even if the number of absences is inflated to have 35 of the top 50 truants? Do they only show up if they are in government?


Hey, maybe the city is getting this road construction thing right after all!

So it’s construction time again in Winnipeg.  Road work popping up everywhere.

For my main driving routes – the main areas are Pembina, Donald, and the Jubilee overpass.

Donald is an inconvenience, but hasn’t really slowed traffic too much.

Jubilee – well I don’t take it but it does provide a bit of  a backlog heading south.

Pembina – well there are parts that seem to be moving pretty slow such as between the perimeter and bison drive. The flip side of that coin is once that is done, there will be a nice curb lane for biking in.

But I have to give the city kudos for the work on Pembina south of Chevrier. They have redone one section and are moving further south on that strip. Now doesn’t that seem to make more sense. Instead of tying up traffic on the whole section between Chevrier and Plaza, do small sections at a time. Much less aggrevating and people can see a tangible result.

Now if they would only redo the NB section between Grant and Confusion Corner and the SB section between Nassau and Confusion Corner, my bike commute would be nice and smooth!