Winnipeg Driving rules…..

Given that it is construction season in Winnipeg, I thought this pic is pretty much is bang on. Never mind that it is pretty appropriate for Winnipeg drivers all the time, but substitute construction for the straight lane and it is picture perfect for any construction zone in Winnipeg:


Why is the City giving people more reasons to hate Waverley West?

Now I don’t hate Waverley West, but it is a target of scorn for those that rail against urban sprawl. I mean is there a better poster child for urban sprawl than Waverley West.

I have a couple of issues with it and they both relate to traffic planning. One of them came to light in the last week.

The first issue I have is with the speed limit. The reduction of the speed limit on Waverley to 60 and 50 from 80 has only one purpose; it allows the city to gain revenue from speeding tickets. I mean come on – it’s two lane divided for half the way and that’s the improvement. It was 80 when it was single lane undivided. Maybe, once there is a lot more development it might make sense. But now? Speeding ticket revenue – that’s the only reason. If Waverley north of Bison drive is 70, If Grant is 70 in place, there is no reason why Waverely shouldn’t remain 80.

The newest reason though is renaming streets even though they haven’t been constructed yet! Drive south on Waverely until you reach the 50 zone, make a left and guess what? You’re not on Wavereley anymore. It’s Tim Sale dr. But once you round the right curve you are back on Waverley. What the hell??

The circled section is currently Tim Sale Dr:

My point isn’t that Tim Sale shouldn’t have a road named after him, that’s a different discussion altogether.

Now if you look at the map, Waverley is supposed to be redirected west and connect with Kenaston and Tim Sale drive is supposed to loop around. But none of the above development has been done. The only thing that exists is the chicane in Waverley. It still connects south to the Perimeter.

Why not wait until you’ve built the roads before you start changing names?

I can hear the 911 call now:

Caller ” There has been an accident on Tim Sale Drive between Waverely and Waverley”

Operator: “Where?”

Ambulance Driver ” Where?”

Police ” Where?”

Well, not quite. Police will know full well where Tim Sale drive is ┬ásince that’s where the speed reduces to 50 and where it would be a perfect spot for a speed trap!