We should be cross burning Klansmen….

So I was thinking about some of the cartoons we watched when we were kids.
Man, if we took to heart what we watched in cartoons when we were growing up we would all be cross burning Klansmen!

I was looking at Yogi Bear in particular. Despite what Nahinni Fontaine or Terry Nelson may have you believe, THIS is the most racist shit ever:

There is no way this would ever fly now.

Why am I pointing this out? well, for a couple of reasons :

a) Part of history is contextualization. So stuff like this is important because it shows us what the prevailing and socially acceptable attitudes were at the time. So when Pat Martin or someone says that Riel needs to be pardoned, yes they are trying to re-write history by taking the action out of the context at the time. Traitor/Hero – whatever our opinion of him now is one thing. But you can’t sanitize history by rewriting the past to meet todays morals or standards. He was convicted at trial leave it at that. Don’t change it because our current opinions have changed. What happens if an ultra nationalist party gets elected in Germany? Is it okay for them to re-write WWII history to make the Nazis look good? leave it alone.

b) Video games / family guy / southpark will not make people into rapists, murderers, etc. Unlike the variety that is available now ( don;t like Family Guy, then what about ben 10? batman? dora? ), these were pretty much all we had back then.

Besides…if I’m a cross burning Klansman, then everybody who grew up in the 5o’s is a wife beater ( Hooneymooners)!


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