Weather Network – Seriously, WTF?

Okay, people really wonder why the only reliable weather forecast is the one you get from looking out the window?

Seriously? 18 degrees and Snow? All I can say is …..WTF?


Race to become biggest shitrag in Winnipeg

It used to be that the everyone kind of considered the Winnipeg Sun with its Sunshine Girls, Broadbeck and adult advertising before the sports section be the tabloid of the city and the Winnipeg Free Press as the bastion of print  journalistic integrity in this town. But more and more it seems like the Freep is gunning for the title of Winnipeg’s shitrag.

Don’t get me started on Gordon Sinclair – I could write post after post about how much of an ego driven idiot he is. Or the fact that the he can’t string together a sentence that would pass grade 2 grammar, yet the newspaper is a huge supporter of Raise-a-reader.

Or the absolute racist filth that passes for a Coleen Simard column. If any non-native wrote what she does and switched the usage of white and aboriginal references, we’d be brought up on hate crime charges.

Or maybe the constant glaring errors  and story titles that don’t make any sense. What? do they not have editors?

But this one takes the cake. I wonder if Mo came to the Freep because the Sun was getting too highbrow for her?

Warn the Minor Hockey Association

Here’s the relevant letter from the link above:

DEAR MISS LONELYHEARTS: Two years ago I began an affair with a married man. I am separated. We met at my workplace, but didn’t work together. We enjoyed each other’s company, but I always felt there was something a little different about him. About a year into the affair, one of his co-worker buddies, who happened by my workplace — and had no idea of the affair — made a comment about my lover. Shocking as it was, it didn’t surprise me. He came out and said that basically, “You didn’t bend over around him, that he should know, they played hockey together.” I had some suspicions; a girl just knows… well, I took this comment back to my lover. He went quiet for a few seconds, didn’t get angry and didn’t deny the comment. He made some reference to an episode that happened in the shower after a hockey game. I felt sick to my stomach. He then proceeded to give his two-week notice at this job, and within a month he was gone and found employment elsewhere. Strange, considering he claimed to really enjoy his job. I have since ended the affair, amicably. He is still in his marriage. My dilemma, and it honestly bothers me, is that he’s a hockey coach in the Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association. I often wonder if he should be. I wonder if this is standard behaviour for a coach, and if his young players’ parents would appreciate this! He is in a high level of trust, but his actions are very unbecoming. What should I do? — Wondering, Winnipeg

Dear Wondering: Your ex-lover left his place of work because his co-worker outed him to you, and the co-worker will have told other people, too. Of course, a married hockey coach would want to hide his behaviour for many reasons. Let’s be clear: homosexual or bisexual people do not necessarily prey on young people. But, you’re hinting this recent affair partner approached another adult hockey player in the showers. That’s predatory, therefore worrisome. You wrote me on paper with no identifying names or address for you. I can only urge you to contact the Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association with a warning about this man, by name, as it saves a witch hunt where everyone is under suspicion. You don’t know if anything has ever happened with the young guys that have been on his teams. Nevertheless, even ONE abused boy is a tragedy of untold proportions and it is very important to try to ensure this doesn’t happen.


I really, really hope that the editing is so bad in the Free Press that they have cut out the relevant information. Because the alternative…..

Well, the alternative is that Ms. L is a blatant Homophobe who is encouraging homophobia, and suggesting that someone sould be discriminated against and should lose their job based on their sexual orientation.

There is nothing, NOTHING. Let me say it again so that it’s clear –  NOTHING in the letter to suggest that the man in the letter engaged in anything other than a consensual incident with another man.

Here is the  line from the letter:

He made some reference to an episode that happened in the shower after a hockey game.

Here is Ms L’s interpretation:

But, you’re hinting this recent affair partner approached another adult hockey player in the showers.

How the hell do you come to that conclusion?There is nothing to suggest it wasn’t consensual and contrary to what you write, you are indeed suggesting that homosexuals are sexual predators. And you are suggesting that the man should be reported only because of his sexual orientation. Is it even that? From the letter, can you conclude the man is a homosexual? No. Can you conclude he is bi? No. The letter only states that he had an encounter with another man. And what difference does it make? According to you, Ms. L. If you are a man who has had ONE sexual encounter with another man, you’re probably a pedophile.

And aren’t you indeed starting a witch hunt, when you have nothing to back up your assertions?

I thought we as a society were moving past homophobia and discrimination. It seems we have a hell of a lot more work to do.

It also looks like Winnipeg needs to find some decent print media. The more I read the freep, the more I think it’s only good for lining my counter when I clean fish!

We should be cross burning Klansmen….

So I was thinking about some of the cartoons we watched when we were kids.
Man, if we took to heart what we watched in cartoons when we were growing up we would all be cross burning Klansmen!

I was looking at Yogi Bear in particular. Despite what Nahinni Fontaine or Terry Nelson may have you believe, THIS is the most racist shit ever:

There is no way this would ever fly now.

Why am I pointing this out? well, for a couple of reasons :

a) Part of history is contextualization. So stuff like this is important because it shows us what the prevailing and socially acceptable attitudes were at the time. So when Pat Martin or someone says that Riel needs to be pardoned, yes they are trying to re-write history by taking the action out of the context at the time. Traitor/Hero – whatever our opinion of him now is one thing. But you can’t sanitize history by rewriting the past to meet todays morals or standards. He was convicted at trial leave it at that. Don’t change it because our current opinions have changed. What happens if an ultra nationalist party gets elected in Germany? Is it okay for them to re-write WWII history to make the Nazis look good? leave it alone.

b) Video games / family guy / southpark will not make people into rapists, murderers, etc. Unlike the variety that is available now ( don;t like Family Guy, then what about ben 10? batman? dora? ), these were pretty much all we had back then.

Besides…if I’m a cross burning Klansman, then everybody who grew up in the 5o’s is a wife beater ( Hooneymooners)!