Drive Thru Logic

Okay, let’s just start with a quick primer on the reason for drive thrus. Drive thrus are for when you have a quick order and it would be quicker to drive thru ( hence the name) then to go inside.

They are not for when you are too lazy to go inside.

And yes there is a difference.

This is most often illustrated in places like Tim Hortons, where all available choices are not listed. So for the sake of some out there, here is a quick lesson as to when you should/should not be using the drive thru:

One Coffee – Drive Thru okay

Multiple coffees – Drive thru okay, but only if you know how you want them when you reach the menu board. If you have to spend 5 minutes discussing what you want in your coffee with all the other occupants in your car when you reach the drive thru, ya probably should go inside.

If your order takes 5 minutes to give at the menu board, that’s a pretty good sign you should be going inside

And the biggest culprit is donuts – There’s no problem ordering donuts in drive through. The correct term is ” and a dozen donuts, assorted.” You don’t ask them to rattle off what types they have and then ask for one of each or better yet, once you have six ask them again what type they have because you have forgotten. Not acceptable.

So, plain and simple. If it’s quicker to go through the drive through than to place the same order inside, go ahead, use the drive thru.

But if it takes you 5 min to place your order, go park your car, get out and go inside, dammit!


2 thoughts on “Drive Thru Logic

  1. Only tangentially related, but I think all drive thru purchases should be subject to a levy, say 35 cents, for the environmental and traffic problems they cause.

  2. I can see your point, but I wonder how effective that would be? What about people that leave their cars running while they just run in.

    Assiniboine credit union did something similar with their Pembina location they opened last year. They eliminated their drive-thru and placed two walk up ATMs at the front door.

    It would be interesting to know how many people drive up and leave the car running while they get out and walk up to the ATM ( thus taking longer than if they had gone through a drive thru ATM)

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