Ummm…WPS, maybe you should have talked to MPI about your ad…

So Winnipeg Police Service has a new ad campaign called ‘Just Slow Down’. Or perhaps it is not new, but just a new phase of the program. I’m sure you have all seen one or two of the ads. The one that got me thinking was the ones about the teens driving home from the basketball game. Something just didn’t seem right in the ad. See if you can figure it out:

I actually watched it a couple of times before I was 100% sure. Look at the car the kids are driving and then look at the accident. The accident in the ad has nothing to do with speeding. The accident occurs because the grey sedan swerves to miss an open door and swerves into the path of the civic that the kids are driving.

Now I realize the campaign is to get people to slow down and the suggestion is that a graphic ad may accomplish that. But seriously, WTF? Are you telling me you can’t figure out how to do an ad about an speeding accident that shows the cause of the accident as speeding? Come on. Really! It’s like making an ad showing someone going through a green light on Pembina at 100km/h and getting T-Boned by a car running the red and then claiming that the cause of the accident was speeding.

Am I the only one that noticed this. Please tell me I’m not. And why didn’t anyone in WPS notice this?


One thought on “Ummm…WPS, maybe you should have talked to MPI about your ad…

  1. You’re not the only one who noticed this ad is full of holes big enough to drive through.

    Is anyone in the car even wearing seat belts? Both cars appear to be traveling at or very near the speed limit, so why bother telling us speeding is the cause?

    Most car crashes are caused by sheer carelessness and disregard for traffic regulations. The higher he speed the bigger the crash is basic physics, but blaming car crashes on speed alone is a waste of time and money – because it simply isn’t true.

    By the way, no use having the WPS talk to the MPI safety experts, they don’t know much either.

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