Moose game observations….

So, went to the moose game last night. I was given a couple of box seat tickets. I usually go to a couple of games a year, but noticed a few things last night:

  • They need more timmies. Damn that lineup is long.
  • The luxury boxes are sweet! But it would be nice to have some sort of food counter there so you don’t have to go back down to the concourse every time you are hungry.
  • Is Saturday night at the Moose game the place to go before the bar? Is it the place to go instead of the bar? Damn! I couldn’t believe the number of dolled up women I saw there. Not that that’s a bad thing, just don’t remember seeing that before.
    • And the last thing? If you are with a group of 5 friends and you meet another group of 5 friends during intermission, why do you think it is okay for you to stop, spread out in two lines of 5 facing each other in the narrowest part of the concourse so that nobody can get by? And why do you think it is okay to give someone a dirty look when they walk between you to get by? I saw this a few times and couldn’t understand it. Move to the outside of the concourse so people can get by and this way you aren’t disturbed.

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