Car Wash operation should be part of the driver’s exam

I’m convinced.

Ability to operate a car wash should be a pass/fail test for your driver’s license. Can’t figure out the car wash? There goes your license. And it makes sense, really.  If you can’t figure out how to use a car wash are you really smart enough to drive a car safely?

Why? Today I was behind someone in a car wash. It was a pull through and they couldn’t figure out you had to put the car in neutral and it would pull you in. So they drove in and parked.

Not the first tie either. I was at a pull through a few years back when the lady in front of me freaked because ‘ something came down and hit my car!’. It was the dryer that descended from the ceiling. Of course  I had to slam on the brakes to make sure the pull unit didn’t pull me into her.

How hard  is it? Must be a lot more difficult than I have ever found it.


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