Psst…Selinger, I’ve got a bridge to sell you


I’m stunned and speechless.

The province has decided it has enough money to fund a $90 million loan for the Stadium because Asper doesn’t have the money right now:

Football Stadium a done deal

The province says it’s just a loan and that taxpayers are not on the hook. If Asper can’t pay it back, then it gets covered by tax revenues from the current stadium property.

This deal is wrong on so many levels. And like I have stated before, Selinger is a liar.

I’m all for a new stadium, but this is unbelievable.

First, the province says it’s just a loan. Wow, how soon they forget. The province announced a $545 M deficit for 2010-2011. That means they have to borrow money to provide core services. Where are they going to get the $90 Million from? That’s right, they have to borrow it.

So now, just over a week later our deficit is now $90 MILLION More. At that rate it will be a $4.8 Billion deficit by the end of the year!!!

Oh, well that’s not right, it’s just a loan. The province is borrowing money so that it can lend it to the Bombers who will in turn lend it to Asper who will lend it back to the Bombers. Hmmmm…sounds like money laundering to me – bets on how long before it disappears?

But…. Asper pays it back from revenues from Elms project. That’s planned for where the current stadium is. The new one is up and running in 2012. So development of the Elms can’t start before then. If you take into account that they need to demolish the old stadium, what – 2 years before Elms is up and running? That’s 2014.

$90 Million @ 5.5 % compounded monthly for 4 years – $21.5 million in interest to that point. Another $6 Million if he starts paying it back right away. If he waits until the end of 2016, $34 MILLION in accrued interest!

That’s if he can get the Elms up and running. What if he defaults? Well, the city has said that property taxes at the elms development would cover the loan.

This is wrong for so many reasons.

Asper hasn’t been able to get enough interest so far, why would we think he can get more by then?

What if the development is such that it doesn’t generate enough propery tax to cover the payments?

What if Asper defaults? Who is going to cover all that accrued interest? The city? Not likely. But hey, Selinger says we’ll be balanced so we’ll be able to afford it right?

And what happens in the worse case scenario? That Asper can’t even get the elms project off the ground. The city needs development to earn property taxes to pay back the loan. But who pays to demolish the stadium? Who pays to develop the site? The city? The province? All those developers lining up at the door to develop the old arena site ( it’s been how long now?)

This deal is awful – stinks, stinks, stinks. And I still haven’t touched on how new tax revenues should perhaps be used to address the city’s infrastructure deficit instead of guaranteeing a loan that the province took out.

Corporate Welfare – Yup, our NDP does it

Trying to buy votes – Our NDP is an expert at that

Who cares about the province and the future as long as you’re the government.

Oh…and if the NHL rumors have any basis, anyone wanna hazard a guess about the prospective ownership group looking for money from the province considering they are giving this to Asper? And it won’t be just $90 Million in that case.

I’d love to see a new stadium. But there is no way this isn’t costing taxpayers in the end.


Drive Thru Logic

Okay, let’s just start with a quick primer on the reason for drive thrus. Drive thrus are for when you have a quick order and it would be quicker to drive thru ( hence the name) then to go inside.

They are not for when you are too lazy to go inside.

And yes there is a difference.

This is most often illustrated in places like Tim Hortons, where all available choices are not listed. So for the sake of some out there, here is a quick lesson as to when you should/should not be using the drive thru:

One Coffee – Drive Thru okay

Multiple coffees – Drive thru okay, but only if you know how you want them when you reach the menu board. If you have to spend 5 minutes discussing what you want in your coffee with all the other occupants in your car when you reach the drive thru, ya probably should go inside.

If your order takes 5 minutes to give at the menu board, that’s a pretty good sign you should be going inside

And the biggest culprit is donuts – There’s no problem ordering donuts in drive through. The correct term is ” and a dozen donuts, assorted.” You don’t ask them to rattle off what types they have and then ask for one of each or better yet, once you have six ask them again what type they have because you have forgotten. Not acceptable.

So, plain and simple. If it’s quicker to go through the drive through than to place the same order inside, go ahead, use the drive thru.

But if it takes you 5 min to place your order, go park your car, get out and go inside, dammit!

My anti NDP rant for the week….

Let me get the disclaimer out-of-the-way first: I have a predisposition to dislike and not trust our provincial NDP government. Why? Because I’m old enough to remember the Pawley/Kostyra tax! tax! tax! spend! spend! spend! regime.

Now that this is out-of-the-way, I think that Cherenkov hits the nail square on the head in his blog post:

They haven’t been able to match spending to budget for the last 10 years. So when they are projecting a $550 Million deficit, they are lying.

Selinger – you’re a liar.

Wowchuk – you’re a lair.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a deficit closer to $1 Billion. Yup, one billion.

Cherenkov also makes some good points about health care spending. A billion more than Saskatchewan? And he is right, NDP governments know of only two ways to address a problem: a) throw more money at it  or b) get the unions involved, which invariably leads back to a)

I would suspect that if we do live in a province of idiots ( yes – if we re-elect them we are truly idiots!)  and the NDP is still in power in 5 years, we won’t be dealing with a balanced budget again, we’ll be trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that the government has literally bankrupted the province.

And who suffers? My kids, your kids, my grandchildren, your grandchildren, my great-grand children, your great-grandchildren.

Because it will take decades to fix this mess.

The NDP – the party that hates your unborn descendants

Ummm…WPS, maybe you should have talked to MPI about your ad…

So Winnipeg Police Service has a new ad campaign called ‘Just Slow Down’. Or perhaps it is not new, but just a new phase of the program. I’m sure you have all seen one or two of the ads. The one that got me thinking was the ones about the teens driving home from the basketball game. Something just didn’t seem right in the ad. See if you can figure it out:

I actually watched it a couple of times before I was 100% sure. Look at the car the kids are driving and then look at the accident. The accident in the ad has nothing to do with speeding. The accident occurs because the grey sedan swerves to miss an open door and swerves into the path of the civic that the kids are driving.

Now I realize the campaign is to get people to slow down and the suggestion is that a graphic ad may accomplish that. But seriously, WTF? Are you telling me you can’t figure out how to do an ad about an speeding accident that shows the cause of the accident as speeding? Come on. Really! It’s like making an ad showing someone going through a green light on Pembina at 100km/h and getting T-Boned by a car running the red and then claiming that the cause of the accident was speeding.

Am I the only one that noticed this. Please tell me I’m not. And why didn’t anyone in WPS notice this?

Moose game observations….

So, went to the moose game last night. I was given a couple of box seat tickets. I usually go to a couple of games a year, but noticed a few things last night:

  • They need more timmies. Damn that lineup is long.
  • The luxury boxes are sweet! But it would be nice to have some sort of food counter there so you don’t have to go back down to the concourse every time you are hungry.
  • Is Saturday night at the Moose game the place to go before the bar? Is it the place to go instead of the bar? Damn! I couldn’t believe the number of dolled up women I saw there. Not that that’s a bad thing, just don’t remember seeing that before.
    • And the last thing? If you are with a group of 5 friends and you meet another group of 5 friends during intermission, why do you think it is okay for you to stop, spread out in two lines of 5 facing each other in the narrowest part of the concourse so that nobody can get by? And why do you think it is okay to give someone a dirty look when they walk between you to get by? I saw this a few times and couldn’t understand it. Move to the outside of the concourse so people can get by and this way you aren’t disturbed.

    Car Wash operation should be part of the driver’s exam

    I’m convinced.

    Ability to operate a car wash should be a pass/fail test for your driver’s license. Can’t figure out the car wash? There goes your license. And it makes sense, really.  If you can’t figure out how to use a car wash are you really smart enough to drive a car safely?

    Why? Today I was behind someone in a car wash. It was a pull through and they couldn’t figure out you had to put the car in neutral and it would pull you in. So they drove in and parked.

    Not the first tie either. I was at a pull through a few years back when the lady in front of me freaked because ‘ something came down and hit my car!’. It was the dryer that descended from the ceiling. Of course  I had to slam on the brakes to make sure the pull unit didn’t pull me into her.

    How hard  is it? Must be a lot more difficult than I have ever found it.

    To the guy at Timmies yesterday afternoon…

    Standing in line with an unlit cigarette in your mouth doesn’t make you look cool, it doesn’t make you look hot ( you’re kinda ugly anyways). It makes you look like a dick.

    And when you don’t take it out to give your order to the clerk isn’t just rude and disrespectful. It makes you look like an asshole.

    Correction – It makes you an asshole.